Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I register or renew my membership for 2017?

Talk to your club, state administrator or email

  1. Is it true that Volunteers are covered for Personal Accident Insurance for FREE?

Yes, for 2017, Skate Australia has been able to extend insurance coverage for FREE to all the invaluable volunteers who keep our sport running. Volunteers are parents and friends who help out with setting up equipment, running canteen, clean up after events, etc. Volunteers have to be registered by their Club/League for an event to be covered for Personal injury during that event. See Skate Australia’s insurance portal for more information  


Please note this is not the same as an Associate member, who receives more comprehensive coverage

Please also note that Volunteers are not able to vote as they are not voting members.

Volunteers may prefer to register as an Associate member.

  1. What is the difference between an Associate member and Volunteer?

Associate members:

  • This membership category is for non skating participants. These members are not covered to participate on skates
  • Officials, Coaches, Administrators and Committee members must be a minimum Associate membership (not a Volunteer)
  • Are eligible to vote in their club and state meetings, as prescribed by each State Association.
  • Are covered by insurance for all sanctioned activities throughout the membership year, as per Skate Australia’s insurance portal

A Volunteer is:

  • A parent, supporter or friend who helps with activities like canteen, setting up and packing up equipment, parades, fundraising BBQ, etc including any volunteer (ie Marshals, MC, DJ) not requiring formal accreditation or qualifications
  • Not a voting member
  • Registered by the club, state or branch as a volunteer for a sanctioned events
  • Covered by insurance for that sanctioned event for the duration of a sanctioned event provided the club, state or branch registers them for that sanctioned event, as per Skate Australia’s insurance portal  


  1. What procedures for Member Clubs for 2017?

The following processes are required for all Member Clubs

  • All clubs who register with their State Sporting Organisation, or where there is not an Affiliated SSO, with Skate Australia, must provide a copy of their Incorporation Certificate and most recent AGMJ minutes (Association liability only covers affiliated incorporated organisations)
  • All club executive must be current financial members of Skate Australia
  • Officers and Directors Associations Liability insurance applies from the date a Member Club is a financial member
  • All club events which clubs want their members covered must be registered with their State Sporting Organisation. i.e. competitions, bouts, training, fundraising BBQ, Come and Try days, Christmas pageants, etc
  • Members wishing to participate in Roller Sports events not sanctioned by Skate Australia (or its affiliates), must apply for an Event Participation Sanction. Events must by organised by recognised FIRS affiliated body, or in the case of Roller Derby, must be run using WFTDA rules. (Refer to Bylaw 11 Sanctions and Competitions, and Bylaw 29 Roller Derby League Accountabilities and Requirements)
  • Volunteers, who are registered by their club for sanctioned activities are covered by insurance for that sanctioned event for the duration of that sanctioned event.
  • Associate members are non-skating members – if you have an accident on skates, you will not be covered.

As per the Association’s Rules and Regulations, all Club, State, National Branch officials must ensure all participants are properly registered before they participate in all sanctioned events.

  1. If my club wants to use Revolutionise, can we do that?

Yes, it can be organised through their State Sporting Organisation or where there is not an Affiliated SSO, with Skate Australia.

Pricing is dependent on number of members. Please see the following link

Apart from membership management and a payment system, Revolutionise provides other features like:

  • Managing member transfers,
  • Competition management,
  • Event registrations,
  • Rostering volunteers and officials like referees, scorer, and timekeepers, etc
  • Online shop for state, club or league merchandise
  • Taking bookings for training, classes or lessons;
  • Reporting incidents and injuries for insurance reports;
  • Scheduling state/club meetings; and
  • A free website for clubs in included when they set up their own account.
  1. Does “Loss of Income” insurance only apply to Competitive members?

Since 2016, Skate Australia has extended all benefits to all categories of Skate Australia registered membership.

All benefits are best explained per Skate Australia’s insurance portal   

All Skate Australia registered members have access to either the Loss of Income, Student Help or Home Help sections. Not all.

  • Loss of income is available to anyone earning an income (doesn’t cover income from the sport). So normally ages 15 and up.
  • Student Help is for juniors that don’t work, but are stuck at home and require a home tutor.
  • Home help covers a domestic agency to assist those that can no longer care for themselves due to an injury.
  • Parents Allowance is only available to full time students under 25 years old. Pays $25 a day to the parents each day their child is stuck in hospital.
  • Dependent Children costs is extra coverage for additional expenses a dependent child incurs as a result of their parent being injured.
  • Home nursing care is weekly payment of a registered nurse to provide care whist at home.
  • Rehabilitation benefits is providing a benefit to someone who requires a licensed vocational college to provide tuition as they have been stuck at home disabled or should gym membership be required to be purchased as a result of their rehabilitation.
  1. Does my membership cover me for insurance if I’m not an Australian Citizen?

The policy covers all Skate Australia members and will pay for Australian medical costs only. If someone is here on a visa, and registers with Skate Australia, all is fine. They will most likely not be subject to the Medicare system, so will just reach the $3,000 limit quicker.

  1. Why do clubs need to be registered as a Member Club?

Skate Australia’s Association Liability and Public Liability covers all affiliated organisations, members clubs and their officials as part of the club registration fee. This provides liability insurance for the club and officers of the club committee. Member clubs registered with Skate Australia must be incorporated – requirement of Association Liability and Skate Australia’s Bylaw 3 Item 3.2

More details are available per Skate Australia’s insurance portal  

It is important to note that all club executives must be current financial members of Skate Australia and that Officers and Directors Associations Liability insurance applies from the date a Member Club is a financial member

  1. Can a roller derby team have players of mixed registration- some Skate Australia registered and some not?

No. All roller derby teams registered with Skate Australia must be Skate Australia members. Non Skate Australia members have the option of applying for an Event Membership. All privileges of Skate Australia membership (including insurance) only applies for the duration of that event. An event can be a bout, competition or training.

  1. As a Skate Australia roller derby member, can I compete in a non-Skate Australia roller derby sanctioned event and be covered for insurance?

Yes, under the following conditions:

  • Skate Australia is able to sanction the roller derby members attending Skate Victoria sanctioned events on a case by case basis
  • Please ask the event organisers to write to Skate Australia (  to confirm the event is being conducted under high standards of rules and safety protocols like WFTDA rules (Refer to Bylaw 11 Sanctions and Competitions, and Bylaw 29 Roller Derby League Accountabilities and Requirements)
  • Provide confirmation of Skate Victoria sanction;
  • All players competing at the event are registered RDA Competitive members;
  • To ensure all members of taking part are covered, please provide a list of all attendees to be covered for insurance purposes;
  • Members sanctioned for an event, only applies for that event; and
  • A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required

No other non-Skate Australia domestic events will be sanctioned.

  1. How was the Sports Specific coaching course for roller derby developed?

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) have comprehensive guidelines for the design and registration of courses under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). It covers the administration of the program, quality assurance, delivery and the content covers competency based training. Only National Sporting Organisations like Skate Australia can apply for a sports specific accreditation (approx. 70 sports participate in the NCAS).

In 2014, SA/RDA (Emma, Sam and Cass) worked on developing a Level 1 Roller Derby Coach Accreditation Course with the intellectual input from coaches from leagues in all States. These coaches (including bohemian slapcity, tambalamslam, missmrogers, olisspace, sunstate roller girls, shortstop, and a few others) then formed the Roller Derby Coaching Accreditation Working Committee; the committee was involved in the consultation, structure and review processes. In May 2015, the ASC formally accepted the Level 1 Roller Derby Coaching Accreditation course.

  1. Can members of the public try Skate Australia training or participation programs without having to join?

Yes, provided:

  • They have never been a member of Skate Australia
  • They are only taking part training or participation programs (like Quick Kids, Mighty Pucks, Rising Stars, Skate Fit and Skate Stars)
  • They or their parents (under those under 18yo) sign a waiver which indemnifies the club, the State and Skate Australia (sample waiver form is available on request)
  • They can try 3 sessions, and on the 4th must register as a member, either Recreation or above.
  1. Why do coaches and officials have to be accredited?

  • All coaches and officials who require Professional Indemnity, must hold qualifications and accreditation with a sports specific certificate by a recognised organisation like the ASC.
  • Only recognised National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) like Skate Australia are eligible to submit courses for recognition/accreditation by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).
  • Community Coaching General Principles online course and Introductory Level Officiating General Principles online course is a requirement for the Australian Government’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) and the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS).
  • These online courses are also the perquisite for entry to the Level 1 sports specific course
  • Each online course is only 1/3 of a Coaching or Officiating accreditation, as the Sport Specific Course and Supervised Practical Coaching hours must also be completed in order to be accredited.
  • All general principles certificates (Level 0) must be sent to SSO or Skate Australia (if no SSO) to form part of the member’s record on the national membership register. To register for the Level 0 courses, please see link
  • For more information on Community Coaching General Principles online course, please see link
  • For more information on and Introductory Level Officiating General Principles online course, please see link