Welcome To Skate Australia

We are the governing body for all skating-based sports disciplines within Australia, working in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission and State Skating Associations.

Skate Australia brings together the diverse and active skating disciplines of Inline Hockey, Artistic Skating, Speed Skating, Roller Hockey, Roller Derby and Skateboarding and Rolling (Aggressive Inline).

Board Members

KAREN DOYLE | President

Karen Doyle is very familiar to Skate Australia members, having been a member for the past 40 years. Karen, (initially as a speed competitor with the former Australian Federation of Amateur Roller Skating) is a Speed Official – Referee, recognised at State, National and Internationally by the Comite International de Course (CIC) with a Judges Commission and is current Chair of the Skate Australia Commissioned Speed Officials Committee. Since July 2015, Karen Doyle has been active in all aspects of Skate Australia Inc operations for all disciplines.

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DANAE CLARK | Treasurer

Danae is CPA qualified with a commerce degree and professional experience in business management and strategic planning. Having represented Australia as a participant, she has an active interest in skating and with coaching & official accreditations also understands a range of stakeholder perspectives in the sporting system. Danae looks forward to combining her interest and relevant skills to help support the ongoing future development of skating at all levels and as a health industry professional, advocate the active and healthy lifestyle that accompanies it.

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MARK BROWN | Board Member

Mark is an experienced electrical engineer and senior business executive who has been working within the Transmission & Distribution sectors for the past 30 years. Mark’s involvement in roller sports first started as a teenager and was rekindled with two of his children taking up inline hockey and progressing to state and national representatives. Mark is an active local club member and official and is passionate about grass root sports development for all juniors.

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SAM BOLTON | Independent Board Member

Sam has experience in business management, small business, consulting, stakeholder engagement, program and project management, and research. She holds a Masters of Business Administration and a PhD from the University of Western Australia and is a professional member of the Australian Institute of Management WA (AIMM). Sam has over 20 years’ experience working in a range of organisations and industries as a business manager, state branch manager of a heritage consultancy, project manager and consultant. Sam is involved in multiple sports and is driven by providing opportunities for development in all sports. She has a focus on increasing representation and participation of women in sport, particularly in high-performance sport, and as a career at senior management and executive level.

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Vivian is a senior executive with a professional background in technology services and business management. Her involvement in skating began with her 3 children playing in their local in-house league, progressing to club, state, national & international competitions. Having experience as a local club executive, she understand grass roots development and with coach & official accreditations has an all-round understanding of the many aspects of the sport.

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NICK BUSKENS | Board Member

Nick Buskens is a senior leader within YMCA movement, he has over 18 years’ experience in the Sport and Recreation and Community Development Sectors. Nick has been skateboarding for over 26 years and is the architect behind the Australian Skate Park and Skateboarding leagues. As a passionate skateboarder Nick has been involved in setting up and running Skateboarding associations in Australia and Europe. he has also worked with YMCA’s in Australia, USA and Hong Kong to deliver competitions, training camps for Action sports athletes and young people.

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Board Advisor

Dr Patricia Wallace

Dr Wallace has a long history of service to Skate Australia: Internationally • Chairman of FIRS Anti-Doping Committee • FIRS Commissioner for Oceania Confederation • CIPA International Artistic Official • Australian Delegate to both FIRS and CIPA Congress for many years • Significant Team Management experience for a variety of Australian Teams Nationally • Chair of Commissioned Artistic Officials Committee since 1993 • Chair of various committees at State level including WA Artistic and WA Commissioned Artistic Officials Committees • Chair of Sports Medicine Committee Governance • Member of Skate Australia Board since 2006 • President of Skate Australia since 2009. Dr Wallace remains as Chairman of FIRS Anti-Doping Committee, FIRS Commissioner for Oceania Confederation, CIPA International ‘AR’ Artistic Official and Australian Delegate to the CIPA Congress (as required)

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