Ken Bradley Appointed Chair ARHC Officials Committee

Ken Bradley Appointed Chair ARHC Officials Committee

The Skate Australia Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Kenneth Bradley to the position of Australian Roller Hockey Committee (ARHC) Chairman of Officials for a period of 12 months. This appointment formally reestablishes the ARHC Officials Committee as per the Skate Australia ARHC Bylaw.

Ken has a long involvement with the sport of Roller Hockey since starting the sport at age 16, playing Goalkeeper for Newcastle. Ken gained his first commission as a Referee soon after and has built his experience right up to the highest commission available, International A.

Ken also has administrative experience holding positions of Hockey Chairman and President from Club level to National Level. He has been both Tournament Director for various Australian & Oceanic Roller Hockey Championships as well as playing a key supporting roll in multi-disciplinary Roller Sport events such as National Championships.  He is well placed to assist the Roller Hockey community refine and implement updated and more relevant Referee Development procedures.

Ken’s top priority will be to update and reinstate the accreditation system for the ARHC Officials Committee.

Congratulations to Ken.

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