Liam Garriga, sole Aussie qualifier to compete in World Games in Poland

Liam Garriga is sole Aussie qualifier for World Games, Poland

We wish Liam Garriga GOOD LUCK in Poland!!

Liam is the sole speed skater from Australia to qualify to compete at the World Games in Poland in July 2017!

Good Luck Liam! We know you will do Australia proud! 👍👍

Liam started skating at age 4 and was on inline speed skates a year later – in fact, he was denied entry to his first official event at age 5 because he was “too young” although he was already quite capable! Nonetheless, he started competing at age 6 and quickly adapted to both Track and Road skating over the next few years. At age 6, he first competed in the Victorian State Championships as a Novice in 2001 and has won countless State medals and trophies over the ensuing years – he also successfully competed in the Queensland State Championships between 2001 and 2006 also winning many medals and trophies.

Liam was first selected for Victoria in the National Championships of 2005 and for Australia at age 14 for the Oceania Championships in 2009. He has competed for many subsequent Championships, and won Gold in the 10K Points race in his last Competition in New Zealand in 2016. He has also competed in Korea at the Namwon Open and was first selected to represent Australia for the World Championships in Belgium in 2013. He has been selected each year since and had his most successful Championships as a Senior in Nanjing in 2016. As a result of his performances in Nanjing, he qualified and was the sole speed skater selected to represent Australia at the World Games in Poland in July 2017.Liam has had a great coach along the way in Michael Byrne and is probably most admired for his insane lunging ability which he developed at a very young age. Photos of his many lunges have appeared in skating forums and websites for a number of years.

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