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Message to all members of Skate Australia

29 June 2015

Message to all members of Skate Australia from the Skate Australia Board

The Skate Australia Board was advised by the CEO of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) at the end of May that the ASC will not be providing any funding to Skate Australia from 1 July 2015.  This is a direct result of the ASC’s recalculation of participating funding to sports coupled with the financial issues Skate Australia has experienced.

The Board deeply regrets this situation and is disappointed that despite our best efforts this has occurred. We have appealed the decision of the ASC but have not been successful in changing the outcome. We have however secured the ongoing operational support of the ASC and been given an undertaking by the ASC that we will be eligible for project funding in the future.

The Board has advised the Branch Chairs of Inline Hockey, Artistic and Speed, the State Presidents and their executive and the Skate Australia staff. We thank them all for their support and understanding.

The CEO of Skate Australia finished in his position on 8 June 2015. We have been working on getting an accurate picture of the financial situation and available options and hence we were previously unable to make a public statement.

Skate Australia relies on ASC funding to operate the office. Given the sudden nature of the ASC decision, we did not have the opportunity to revise our operating model or funding sources and as such the Board gave notice to all Skate Australia Office staff. Martin and Greg finished on June 16, Cass on June 19 and Julie and Jackie will finish on June 30. We thank them all for their work and help during the handover to the Board.

Board members have already taken on volunteer roles in the place of paid staff and appreciate the offer of help of other members.

  • Duane Voss to take on the National Accreditation role
  • Lynn McVie at Skate Queensland assisting with ILHA Nationals Championships accounts

The Board is seeking volunteers for the following roles to keep a very lean Skate Australia operating.

  • Roller Derby Coordinator
  • Skateboarding Coordinator
  • Website administrator with experience in Joomla CMS
  • Facebook administrator
  • Membership Coordinator

As we move to member operations, please be patient as we are all volunteers. To help streamline day to day operations, please consider the following.

  • All enquiries should be directed to your State Administrator (NSW, QLD, SA, WA)
  • If you do not have a State Administrator,

– SAVI, SAVS and ASVI will be your first point of contact for all enquiries

– NT, ACT and Tasmania Clubs please contact your main club administrator

  • Each Branch will take responsibility for all of their operations and financial transactions. For all queries regarding each discipline (Artistic, ILH and Speed), please contact your Branch.

We want to highlight two key issues:

1. Insurance of members to December 2015

When Skate Australia negotiates bulk purchase for insurance before the start of each membership year, membership numbers and classes based on the previous year are provided to the insurer. To secure insurance at the bulk purchase price by January, Skate Australia must pay the full annual premium, approximately $200,000 in advance. This occurs before any members join and before any membership funds are collected, meaning that Skate Australia takes out a loan to pay for all insurance upfront and then makes monthly repayments including interest on the loan.

To repay the loan, Skate Australia is seeking a financial contribution from Branches and State Associations to meet the monthly repayments from July to December 2015. All have already agreed. Every state association is acutely aware of this situation and we are working very closely with all executive groups to ensure all members are covered through to December 2015

2. National Sporting Organisation status

Skate Australia is still recognised by the Australian Sports Commission as the only National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for all Skate disciplines.

  • This is significant for each State Association and their State Sporting Organisation funding status
  • This is significant for each discipline which relies on the NSO as a pathway to World Championships
  • This is significant for each member and club that seeks state or federal funding

It is important that Skate Australia continues as the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for all skate disciplines. The ASC has confirmed NSO status for Skate Australia through to 2018 so long as Skate Australia continues to operate.

The Skate Australia Board is determined to work through all options to keep Skate Australia operating. We believe this is in the best interests of skating and all members, however we understand that some members may not share this view and we offer you the opportunity to voice your opinion and suggest alternatives.

The Board members are committed to Skate Australia and most, if not all, Board members will stand for election and Skate Australia council members will have the opportunity to decide who they want on the Board to take Skate Australia forward. We urge any member who can help steer Skate Australia forward to consider applying for a Board position.

Please remember Skate Australia is moving to members operating the business with no paid staff and spreading the load among Branches and States, so we are encouraging people to be patient with their requests. We will provide you an update as soon as possible.

To help ensure we can respond to all enquiries, please email

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From the Skate Australia Board

President Dr Patricia Wallace

Treasurer Danae Clark

Director Vivian Thelander

Director Karen Doyle

Director Luke Ritchie

PO Box 4233 | Robina Town Centre | Queensland 4230
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