Skater Nominations for Olympic Qualifying Events – Skateboarding UPDATED!!

Skater Nominations for Olympic Qualifying Events

Park & Street Skateboarding

Season #2 Update!

The Skateboarding 2020 Commission on behalf of Skate Australia has issued an update with regard to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification for Australian Skateboarders.



The S2020C is calling for skater nominations for selection consideration of National Quota Spots into World Skate sanctioned Olympic Qualifying Events (OQE) for Season #2 - 1 October 2019 to 31 May 2020.

World Skate is yet to finalise all qualifying events in Season #2, as such selectors will make selections on National Quota positions as required for events and team opportunities.


PLEASE NOTE:- This is NOT MANDATORY to be selected. This method is an option for nomination to ensure as many people as possible can be considered for selection.



The objective of the selection process is to ensure the selectors (per the Selection Policy described below) (“Selectors”) are selecting individuals for National Quota positions who will contribute to the performance objective of medals at the Tokyo Olympic Games.



The Skate 2020 Commission (S2020C) acts on behalf of Skate Australia (National Sporting Organisation) for the preparation, selection and nomination of Australian skateboarding athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and advise that all selections will be governed by the Skate Australia Selection Policy (Skate Australia - Skateboard Selection Policy) (“Selection Policy”).


PLEASE NOTE- the Selectors (which includes skateboarding experts and high performance sport professionals) will consider a range of data to determine its final selections for events, including but not limited to event results, exposure to individual performances and content (submitted or online) available to them.

As Skateboarding is a judged sport the Selectors will make its determination based on their assessment of Skaters ability to achieve the performance objective in the respective opportunity and discipline.

For the avoidance of doubt, per the Selection Policy, the Selectors may take into account ANY and ALL information available to them that best informs an evaluation of each applicant’s suitability for the relevant selection.

The Selectors will have ultimate discretion on final selection in line with the athlete’s ability to achieve podium performance results at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


SELECTION CONSIDERATION - These items are mandatory.

Without restricting the Selection Policy, those nominating will need to:

  1. Be a financial member of Skate Australia Register Now
  2. Nominate in the appropriate manner on the Skate Australia Skateboarding website
  3. Complete the ASADA on-line module level 1 and 2 ASADA e-Learning
  4. Submit a copy of their valid passport and passport photo



Nomination will only occur through the portal on Skate Australia Skateboarding website. Nominations will require the following:

  1. Complete the on-line information sheet
  2. Submit any recent event performances
  3. List of your most highly rated tricks (in or out of competition)
  4. Video evidence of your most highly rated tricks (in or out of competition)

In nominating, it is assumed that skaters are nominating for all opportunities. If skaters are not nominating for all they should ensure that they update their availability prior to the selection process by emailing Skate Australia.



Selections will take place no later than 3 weeks prior to any event, however due to the uncertainty for the competition calendar a shorter time frame may be unavoidable. Selectors will assess all valid nominations submitted prior to the time of the relevant Selection Authority meeting.  As such we encourage you to keep your information updated within the nomination portal, to aid selectors in making their selection for quota places.

Selectors reserve the right to conduct a selection activity (e.g. qualification event) if they believe this is necessary.


PLEASE NOTE - Event nomination deadlines will be updated as new OQE, sanctioned by World Skate, are added to the calendar or further information is provided.



Successful quota spot selections WILL NOT receive any direct financial support from the S2020C or Skate Australia to compete at the identified event, unless otherwise stated specifically to the individual.



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