Speed Skating

It is very exciting and physically demanding. There are three disciplines in Speed Skating.

Track Racing:
Indoor track racing takes place on an oval track measured out on a flat even skating surface.
Road Racing:
Road races are run on varied surfaces. The minimum distance for a road circuit is 240m that must have a minimum width of 5m. The average road circuit is between 400m and 500m.
Banked Track:
Banked track racing is usually only for International events. The races are usually held on a 200m oval track, which is slightly banked at either end.



Sophie Muir on her Olympic games experience

Sophie Muir made history at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 as Australia’s first female speed skater. Sophie trained an inline speed skater and won World Championships before she switched to ice at the age of 25 and produced huge results to be selected for the Vancouver Winter Olympics just over a year later. Sophie contested the 500m and 1000m finishing 29th and 30th respectively.

Sophie was inducted into Skate Australia's Hall of Fame in 2011. Congratulations Sophie Muir.


Speed Skating Contacts

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Selection Criteria for National Teams (Last updated 19/10/2016)

Speed Records:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oUMpVJVge7IYFCT6K77tn67tYdjLf4EN_ZhTD66gUj4/edit

Results - Australian Championships

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Results - Oceania Championships

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